Theory of Automatic Control

Undergraduate course, 5 credits, Fall 2020 – Modern Control Theory part, Tsinghua, 2020

  • Feedback widely spreads all over the natural world and human society. Feedback control has already been recognized as a basic principle towards the design of complex engineering systems. The core of this course focuses on the control theory based on feedback, including classical control theory and modern control theory.
  • The modern control theory part aims to provide a systematic coverage of control system analysis and synthesis based on state-space representation. Key ingredients include state-space models, affine transformation, solution to linear systems, controllability & observability, state feedback and pole assignment, state feedback control based on state reconstruction, and Lyapunov stability theory.
  • Office hour: Tuesday, 8:30am – 9:30am, Room 418A, Zhongyangzhulou / Zhumu(瞩目)ID: 186-930-7249

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